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Nerd Family Things: Spears Art Studio Review
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spears Art Studio Review

The magic of homeschooling is sometimes knowing your strength and weaknesses so you can compensate. That said, we all have our gifts but art is not one of mine so I was very excited to try out Spears Art Studio. I got their K-8th art curriculum and it is designed to use with multiple ages at the same time. I love that because it is hard enough to do art but much less coming up with the time for 3 different lessons.

This program is a definite winner! I got the program completely on a CD ($39.95) and it lays out everything! It is set up on an academic year but you can pick and choose what lessons you do. It has a main lesson for everyone and then has broken out projects for each grade level. The program provides graphics to print off and a list of materials needed. It is really easy to follow with or without any natural talent.

Spears Art Studio also has a high school curriculum and a calligraphy program. I highly recommend this art curriculum for anyone but especially those with more than 1 age group.



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