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Nerd Family Things: One2Believe Noah's Ark Set
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

One2Believe Noah's Ark Set

My kids love it when I get to review a toy so you can imagine their delight when I received One2Belive's Noah's Ark Set. They quickly volunteered to play with it and let me know what they thought (How unselfish of them;). Some of you may remember my enthusiastic review of their Nativity Set last year, well the Noah's Ark Set was just as good. Like the Nativity Set, this was made well and has enough pieces that all the kids can play together with it (always a winner).

Even as I was handing out the animals the fun began. I had to remind them to come back to ma and get the rest of the pieces;). Of course my type A kids did ask about Mrs. Noah but they quickly got over it. They also loved putting the plank on the boat and taking it off and just playing with angles, etc. So that was its own educational toy.

The only disappointment my kids had with the set was that the boat didn't open up. But that disappointment left when they realized that the reason it doesn't open is because its, wait for it, a water toy!!!

We loved this set and highly recommend it for your children or as a gift for a child you love!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to comment: You said the boat did not open. We were able to open up the ark and store the pieces inside when we were done playing.

March 15, 2009 at 4:20 PM  

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