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Nerd Family Things: Life on Record Review- A Memorable Gift
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life on Record Review- A Memorable Gift

I recently got the opportunity to review Life on Record and let me just say, this would be a very unique gift! Basically you are creating cds that are full of recording from loved ones about the recipient. It is super easy to set up. You just call in a leave a welcome message (they even provide a sample message). Then you invite people to call and leave messages of things they like and remember about the person in question. There are easy to follow instructions that you email out to people. Then you are faced with a choice. You can have them burn everything to a cd (for an added cost) or you can just manage all your recordings on iTunes. Then burn your own cds and as many of them as you want. It is that simple.

I love this because it is a truly special because it is made by all those who love you. It is almost a living scrapbook. (I see a further project coming). You don't have to worry about yellowing or any of the standard concerns with keepsakes like this because it is all cd. I could see this being a great baby shower gift with parenting and well wishes or a wedding gift. The possibilities are endless. So go check out Life on Record for that next gift you need.

(This is an FRN review)

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