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Friday, May 22, 2009


I recently got a chance to review a neat website called GearZap. This probably isn’t a surprise to anyone but, I love gadgets. This means that I love looking at websites with lots of fun toys on them. GearZap’s site is really easy to navigate. They have very clear tabs at the top that help you navigate through the site to find specific items. GearZap has brand name lists so you can see everything that is compatible with your specific Netbook. If all of that were to possibly fail you, they have a great search bar up at the top that finds things based on your keyword entry.

I love the idea of Netbooks and, while I haven’t bought one yet, I like looking at all the accessories and toys that are made for them. That will probably be the thing to convince me to buy one. GearZap has all kinds of cool Netbook accessories and Netbook cases. I really like the fact that they have so many choices of sleeves and skins for the Netbooks at such low prices. That way you can totally change the look based on your season, or really your kid’s season or mood.

But it doesn’t just have stuff for Netbooks. It also has loads of laptop accessories. They have the cool flexible keyboards (which I love!), travel mice and a ton of other tools. You can check out Bluetooth toys also like speakers. Unfortunately, they don’t carry any laptops covers or anything along those lines.

Now, here is the big caveat. This is a United Kingdom company and they only will ship out to the United Kingdom or European Union countries. So as great as I think their site might be, I can not order from them.

So go over to GearZap and let me know what you think. Or if you have ever ordered from them let me know what your experience is!



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